2017 - Chicago

Roxie Hart- Vivian Kampschroer
Velma Kelly – Alisha Solum
Billy Flynn – Mark Schroeder
Matron “Mama” Morton – Gretta Goetting
Amos Hart – Aaron Goetting
Mary Sunshine – Gwyne Michler
Ensemble + Specific Roles
Fred Casely – Thomas Trehus
Fogarty – Bill Fried
Liz – Sara Kroshus
Annie – Macy Privet
June – Autumn Bornholdt
Hunyak – Maddie Michler
Mona – Angel Spinden
Go To Hell Kitty – Angel Spinden
Harry – Mitchell Lee
Aaron –Bill Fried
Court Clerk – Rhiannon Skauge
Judge – Bill Fried
Doctor - Thomas Trehus
Reporter - Emily Guberud
Conductor - Mitchell Lee
Bailiff- Emily Guberud
Harrison- Mitchell Lee
Juror - Angie Solie
Ensemble #1   Bill Fried
Ensemble #2   Yasmin Scrabek
Ensemble #3   Emily Guberud
Ensemble #4   Mitchell Lee
Ensemble #5   Thomas Trehus
Ensemble #6   Angel Spinden
Ensemble #7   Angie Solie
Ensemble #8   Macy Privet
Ensemble #9   Rhiannon Skauge
Ensemble #10/ #11  Autumn Bornholdt


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