Thank you to everyone who made ROBIN HOOD in Trollskogen Park a success! It was wonderful to have a real audience again.


Will Gamwell (Later Scarlet) - Harvey Goetting

Robin Hood - Elliott Cross

Marion - Chelsea McMannimon-Moe

Riccon - Terry Holland

Sheriff of Nottingham - David Storlie

Bishop of Hereford - Mark Schroeder

Hilton - Greta Goetting

King John - Chris Fried

Little John - Carl Haakenstad 

Meg - Leah Emery

Much the Miller - Jen Solberg

Arthur-a-Bland - Abrian Mendez

Alan-a-Dale - Thomas Trehus

Ellen - Bethany Engen

Eadom - Johnny Sanasinh

Catherine - Gretta Goetting

Queen Eleanor - Kay Cross

Friar Tuck - Tyler Engen

Prioress - Rachel Storlie

Guy of Gisborne - Megan Miller

Foresters - Johnny Sanasinh, Greta Goetting, Brittany Schilla, Mark Schroeder

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