Auditions for the “Comedy of Errors” by William Shakespeare, will take place via video conferencing the week of January 3-8 by arrangement with the director. Audition times are available 6:30pm to 10pm most evenings. Callbacks will be on Saturday, January 9th. The cast will be contacted with their roles on January 10th.

“Comedy of Errors” will be performed in the open air, starting in May 2021. All rehearsals until that time will be held with the use of videoconferencing tools to avoid physical contact and facilitate maximum productivity. Nineteen roles are available. There are many smaller roles for those of you who would like to try Shakespeare out for the first time.

Please email to request an audition slot during the times mentioned above. Overlapping times are desirable, so please provide a few times if you have them available, so that I can have each of you audition with someone else. Plan for 45 minutes. Please review Act 1, Scene 2 of Comedy of Errors to prepare beforehand. It can be found here:

Ye Olde Opera House may also be creating a video version of this tale, should the parks be out of bounds for our performances in the spring and early summer. Therefore, even if we cannot perform outdoors, there will be a performance available to the public. We are planning live performances in Spring Grove, MN during our yearly Syttende Mai celebration, the weekend of May 15, 2021. Call 507-498-5859 if you want to be involved and have no access to participate via web conferencing.

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