Ye Olde Opera House Presents:

The Very Unmerry Adventures of Robin Hood

August 6-8 at 7pm

Trollskogen Park


Robin Hood- Izack Hargrove

Little John- Ayden Collins

Merry Man #1- Casey Herek

Merry Man #2- Lillian Thies

Marion- Claire Solberg

Maid #1- Lilly Novak

Maid #2- Macy Kraus

Helga- Harper Reed

Will Scarlet- Austin Sonnek

Billy Shakespeare- Kamrin Theis

Poor Woman #1- Maria Solberg

Poor Woman #2- Adelia Gross

Sheriff- Roland Bjerke

King Richard- Henry Kessler

Announcer- Lynden Morken

Friar Tuck- Adah Solum

Soldier #1- Bently Rohland

Soldier #2- Max Sonnek

Soldier #3- Kaylee Stokman

Soldier #4- Kya Deck

Sheriff’s Friend- Brynley Meinertz

Peasant- Kaylee Deck

Poor Person- Kenzy Kraus

Sheriff’s Contestant- Mckenna Newgaard

***Crowd Extra- Caroline Becker, Estelle King, Amelia Thorson

***Many characters listed will also be asked to be in the crowd as well.






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