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2002 - The Robber Bridegroom


About the Show

Jamie Lockhart (Rob Gross), a legendary character in Mississippi folklore, rescues Clemment Musgrove (Rick Haddorff), who is the wealthiest plantation owner in Natchez Trace from the Harp gang and attempts to woo and win his daughter Rosamond (Anna Booman). Standing in his way is her stepmother Salome (Tami Weiss), whose romantic designs on the gentleman robber lead her to plot the girl's murder. Her scheme falls apart when the clueless henchman she hires to do the deed mistakenly kidnaps Salome instead. 


Square Dancer Caller   -   Kyle Tollefson

Jamie Lockhart, the Bandit   -   Robert Gross 

Rosamund   -   Anna Booman

Salome   -   Tami Rae Weiss

Raven   -   Sara Kroshus

Narrator   -   Carol Sweeney-Marnach

Little Harp   -   Bill Fried

Big Harp   -   Jim Arends

Hotel Owner   -   Heidi Myhre

Goat's Mother   -   Mary Deters

Goat   -   David Arends

Clement Musgrove   -   Rick Haddorff

Airie   -   Angie Griffin

Chorus   -   Alexandra Johnson

Chorus   -   Amber King

Chorus   -   Andrew Zaffke

Chorus   -   Andy Arends

Chorus   -   Bryce Tollefson

Chorus   -   Carolyn Privet

Chorus   -   Christopher Fried

Chorus   -   Colin Marnach

Chorus   -   Greg Schieber

Chorus   -   Jacob Grippen

Chorus   -   Jenna Landsom

Chorus   -   Jessie Ingvalson

Chorus   -   Kim Sanders

Chorus   -   Kristi Anderson

Chorus   -   Lexie Berg

Chorus   -   Marie Larson

Chorus   -   Zech Anderson


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