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1993 - The King and I

About the Show

The King and I is the moving story of Anna, an American governess, who tries to help an Eastern king to come to terms with the modern world, but he is unable to resist the forces of ancient customs. The conflict between Eastern and Western cultures inspired this well-loved musical, which has been revived professionally many times and is always a firm favourite with the public. The score includes "I Whistle A Happy Tune", "Hello Young Lovers", "Getting To Know You", "Something Wonderful" and "Shall We Dance?".



Anna Leonowens - Kay M. Capps Cross

Louis Leonowens - Nick Crawford

King of Siam - Bill Fried

Lun Tha - Scott Solberg

Tuptim - Emily Engen

Lady Thiang - Carol Sweeney - Marnach

Royal Child - Charles Kirchmeyer

Prince Chululongkorn - Chris Murray

Amazon, Priest, and Slave - Corey Schulte, Nick Anderson, Jeremiah Kirchmeyer, Peter Bergrud, Nathan Griffin

Kralahome - Darcy Wennes

Sir Edward Ramsey - Don Vesterse

Princess Ying Yaowlak - Emily Stenhoff

Phra Alack/Interpreter - Aaron Holten

Captain Orton - Jeff Hines

Royal Children - Jon Hines, Erick Schulte, Erin Alexander, Jamie Kapplinger, Deborah Guttormson, Dana Shirley, Renae Budd, Sonya Dokken, Stephanie Thorson

Royal Wives - Joy Zotalis, Kate Crawford, Katie Friemann, Mollie Busta, Angie Denstad , Erica Kraabel, Jean Happel Royal Dancers - Natalie Mindrum, Amber Grefe, Andrea Stenhoff, Angie Bergrud, Jenny Kapplinger, Josie Kirchmeyer, Nikki Stevens



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