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1992 - Mame

About the Show

Mame Dennis's eccentric, bohemian lifestyle is interrupted when her late brother's son is entrusted to her care. But rather than adopt to any societal standards about child rearing, money-making and romance - Mame does everything with her own dramatic flair.


Cousin Fan - Aaron Holten

Chorus - Angie Bergrud

Pegeen O'Ryan - Angie Denstad

Mrs. Upson - Barbara Pitel

Babcock, Jr. - Bob Ehler

Agnes Gooch - Carol Sweeney - Marnach

Betty Boop Girl - Carolyn Tornstrom

Ito - Casey Eglinton

Gregor, Uncle Jeff - Don Vesterse

Sally Cato - Emily Engen

Chorus - Erick Schulte

Bishop - Gary Wilhelmson

Mr. Upson - Gordon Pitel

Ralph Devine - Gray Raulerson

Beauregard J.P.B. - Greg Wennes

Peter Dennis - Jacob Onstad

Lindsay Woolcott - Jeff Simpson

Mother Burnside - Joan Skarboszewski

Mame Dennis - Kathleen Mitchell

Betty Boop Girl - Kelly Daley

Gloria Upson - Kelly Daley

Vera - Mary Deters

Young Patrick - Matthew Klug

Betty Boop Girl - Mollie Busta

Chorus - Pete Wennes

Mr. Babcock - Richard Kenyon

Older Patrick - Scott Solberg

Chorus - Tracy Onstad

Chorus - Travis Hunzeker


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