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1991 - My Fair Lady

About the Show

Henry Higgins made a bet that if he could get Eliza Doolittle, a poor girl who sells flowers, to speak the English language properly, she would fit into the higher class. She fails on her trip to the Ascot races (although she does catch the attention of Freddy), but when she goes to the Embassy Ball, does so well that a speech professor proclaims her to be a Hungarian princess.


Henry Higgins - Bill Fried

Eliza Doolittle - Kay M. Capps Cross

Mrs. Hopkins - Kelly Ohl

Mrs. Higgins - Mary Deters

Colonel Pickering - Mathew Freed

Alfred P. Doolittle - Richard Kenyon

Freddy Eynsford - Hill - Dean Gunnarson

Zoltan Karpathy - Don Vesterse

Cockney Quartet - Ed Ferkingstad

Flower Girl - Emily Engen

Harry - Fordyce Brevig

Cockney Quartet - Jeff Gerke

Mrs. Pearce - Joan Skarboszewski

Mrs. Eynsford - Hill - Kathleen Mitchell

Hoxton Man - Steve Kemp

Selsey Woman - Theresa Nutt

Jamie - Peter Milne

Servants' Chorus - Rachel Deters 

Servants' Chorus - Bob Zimmerman

Bartender - Carol Sweeney - Marnach

Servants' Chorus - Katie Burns

Cockney Woman - Susan Dixon

Servants' Chorus - Carolyn Tornstrom

Cockney Quartet - Chris Dresen

Cockney Quartet - David Storlie

Servants' Chorus - Ross Knudson

Servants' Chorus - Sarah Solum



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