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1988 - South Pacific

About the Show

Nellie, a nurse on a Pacific Island during WWII, falls in love with de Becque, a local planter. However, when she learns he is a widower with two children, she cannot accept the situation. Meanwhile, Cable falls in love with a Polynesian girl named Liat. Cable and de Bacque go off together on a spy mission and the two women wait in hope of their return.


Ensign Nellie Forbush - Nolie Kapplinger 

Emile de Becque - Keith Mardock

Ensign Bessie Noonan - Betsy Hill

Stewpot - Bill Fried

Seabee Richard West - Daniel Morlock

Radio Operator, Bob McCCaffrey - David Storlie

Professor - Don Vesterse

Ensign Sue Yaeger - Emily Deters

Ensign Rita Adams/Island Native - Holly Grefe

Ensign Connie Walewska/French Plantationer - Jan Rud

Ensign Cora MacRae - Jane Hemingway

Ensign Lisa Minelli - Janet Vanderohe

Luther Billis - Jerry Bruce

Bloody Mary - Joan Skarboszewski

Liat/Island Native - Keely Glasrud

Island Native - Kelly Ohl

Lt. Joseph Cable - Kim Kapplinger

Ensign Dinah Murphy - Leslie Morlock

Ensign Pamela Whitmore - Mary Deters

Jerome - Nathaniel Klinski

Capt. George Brackett - Paul Lionberger

Ensign Betty Pitt - Rachel Deters

Ngana - Rebecca Klinski

Ensign Jane McGregor/Island Native - Ruth Booman

Lt. Genevieve Marshall - Ruth Bruce

Sgt. Kenneth Johnson - Scott Solberg

Cmdr. William Harbison - Steve Schuldt

Henry/Yoeman Herbert Quale - Timothy Nichols

Staff Sgt. Thomas Hassinger/French Plantationer - Walter Langland


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