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Ye Olde Opera House
155 W Main St
PO BOX 455
Spring Grove, MN 55974

Tel: 507-498-5859


If you have questions or comments about our performances or auditions please fill out this comment form and we will do our best to contact you within 48 hours.


Please DO NOT use the form to send messages regarding tickets sales. Call 507-498-JULY or email 

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Board of Directors

Nick Nguyen - President (Term ends 2024)​

Rachel Udstuen - Vice President (Term ends 2025)

Rachel Storlie - Secretary (Term ends 2024)​

Scott Solberg - Treasurer (Term ends 2026)

David Storlie - Treasurer (Tax Reporter)
Sean/Jean Young (Term ends 2024)

Angela Denstad Stigeler (Term ends 2025)

Kay Capps Cross (Term ends 2025)

Andrea Eger (Term ends 2026)
Mark Schroeder (Term ends 2026)



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