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1984 - Oliver

About the Show

After running away from the orphanage run by the heartless Mr. Bumble, Oliver meets the Artful Dodger and is recruited to pick pockets for Fagin). There, Oliver finds a friend in Nancy but neither she nor the boy are fit for a life of crime.


Mr. Bumble - Ken Knutson

Oliver Twist/Fagin's Boy - Nathaniel Judisch

Oliver Twist/Fagin's Boy - Peter Engen

Fagin - Gordon Pitel

Nancy - Judy Wiste 

The Artful Dodger - Timothy Nichols

Mr. Brownlow - Lyle McKenzie

Mrs. Bedwin - Mary Deters

Long Song - Seller/Bow Street Runner - Fordyce Brevig

Milkmaid - Gail Judisch

Bill Sikes - Gary Buxengard

Lady - Ardys Jennings

Bet - Beth Morlock

Knife - grinder/Night Watchman - Dan Bohan

Mrs. Corney - Deborah Wemette

Mr. Sowerberry/Chairman - Don Vesterse

Old Sally - Janna Myrah

Fagin’s Boy - Jeff Urell

Fagin’s Boy - Jeremy Nerstad

Fagin’s Boy - Eric Morken

Fagin’s Boy - Lisa Skarboszewski

Charlotte - LuAnne Pitel

Mrs. Sowerberry - Joan Skarboszewski

Fagin’s Boy - Jody Newgaard

John Rowe/Book Boy - John Askelson

Oom - Pah - Pah Chorus - Jon Rowe

Rose - Seller - Judy Knutson

Oom - Pah - Pah Chorus - Peter Morlock

Workhouse Boy - Rachel Deters

Fagin’s Boy - Sharon Halverson

Charley Bates - Shay Cody

Dr. Grimwig - Sig Bergrud

Noah Claypole/Bow Street Runner - Steve Mundt

Strawberry - Seller - Susan Engen

Fagin’s Boy - Tor Thorsen

Workhouse Boys - Aaron Judisch, Andrea Wiste, Annika Johnson, Bonnie Bender, Brian Pitel, Cory Buxengard, Daniel Morlock, Emily Engen, Jane Deters, Katie Burns, Leah Cody, Leslie Morlock, Stephanie Pitel

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