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1980 - Li'l Abner

About the Show

The hillbilly town of Dogpatch USA has been declared the "most unnecessary town" in the U.S. and is set to be turned into a nuclear testing site. At the same time, the baby tonic (Yokumberry Tonic) that Li'l Abner has been fed all his life is discovered to be a potion that makes men strong and handsome, but also utterly uninterested in romance. That fact does not deter Daisy Mae, who is determined to win the handsome, but uninterested, Li'l Abner at the Sadie Hawkins Day race.


Abner - Kurt Friederich

Daisy - Jean Myrah

Hairless Joe - Bob Selness

Lonesome Polecat - Heather Van Minsel

Mammy Yokum - Joan Skarboszewski

Marryin’ Sam - Arnold Onstad

Mayor Dawgmeat - Mark Haakenstad

Moonbeam McSwine - Cherl Mann

Other Scragg - Peter Morlock

Pappy Yokum - Sig Bergrud

Senator Phogbound - Dr. Dale Buxengaard

Speedy McRabbit - Lisa Skarboszewski

Stupefyin’ Jones - Jill Myrah

Tony/Other Scragg - Matthew Myrah

Abner’s Crony - Almore Mathsen

Abner’s Crony - Fritz Morlock, D.D.S.

Abner’s Crony - Jim Gray, D.V.M.

Abner’s Crony/President - Ken Knutson

Alf Scragg/Waitress - Lisa Espelien

Appassionata - Jeanne Wiste

Available Jones - Gordon Pitel

Bullmoose - Eric Frydenlund

Butler/Developed Guinea Pig Husband - Mark Onsgard

Clem Scragg/Waitress - Christy Tollefsrud

Colonel - Leland Morken

Developed Guinea Pig Husband - Allan Peterson

Developed Guinea Pig Husband - Dennis Rud

Developed Guinea Pig Husband - Lonny Tweeten

Dogpatch Dancer - Jane Myrah

Dogpatch Dancer - Michelle Wiebke

Dogpatch Dancer - Rhan Flatin

Dogpatch Dancer/Other Scragg - Beth Morlock

Dr. Finsdale - Gary Buxengard

Dr. Krogmeyer/Radio Commentator - Elaine Johnson

Dr. Schleifitz/Radio Commentator - Milly Halvorson

Dr. Smithborn/Radio Commentator/Other Scragg - Barbara Mathison

Earthquake McGoon - Lyle Mckenzie

Evil Eye Fleagle - Don Vesterse

Gov’t Man - Scrawny/Other Scragg - Andrea Roble

Gov’t Man a la Yokumberry Tonic/Dogpatch Dancer - Dan Griffin

Guinea Pig Wife - Dawn Mathison

Guinea Pig Wife - Judy Wiste

Guinea Pig Wife - Patsy Wiste

Guinea Pig Wife - Renita Askelson

Police/Soldier - Allan Peterson

Police/Soldier - Lonny Tweeten

Romeo Scragg - Andrew Gray

Scarlett/Other Scragg - Heidi Wiste

Scrawny Guinea Pig Husband - Brenda Bender

Scrawny Guinea Pig Husband - Kaia Knutson

Scrawny Guinea Pig Husband - Kristi Myrah

Scrawny Guinea Pig Husband - Sarah Wilson

Secretary/Dogpatch Dancer - Jim Morken

Secretary/Dogpatch Dancer - LuAnne Pitel

Secretary/Dogpatch Dancer/Other Scragg - Ricky Larson

Secretary/Other Scragg - Taresa Tweeten

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