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2010 - Kiss Me, Kate

About the Show

The story involves the production of a musical version of William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew and the conflict on and off-stage between Fred Graham (Mark Schroeder), the show's director, producer, and star, and his leading lady, his ex-wife Lilli Vanessi (Lindsay Mackie). A secondary romance concerns Lois Lane (Rachel Gulbranson), the actress playing Bianca, and her gambler boyfriend, Bill (Alexander LeFebvre), who runs afoul with some gangsters.


Lilli Vanessi  -  Lindsay Mackie

Fred Graham  -  Mark Schroeder

Lois Lane  -  Rachel Gulbranson

Bill Calhoun  -  Alexander LeFebvre 

1st Gunman  -  Bill Fried

2nd Gunman  -  Lee Epps

Dance Leader  -  Kaley Cross

Nathanial  -  Kathrine Myrah

Pops  -  Kristi Anderson

Philip  -  Annie Galloway

Hortensio  -  Marley Benedum

Hattie  -  Mary Deters

Ralph  -  Peter Zaffke

Wardrobe Mistress  -  Sara Kroshus

Gremio  -  Tate Burcalow

General Harrison Howel  -  Tyler Engen

Harry Trevor  -  Abe Mendez



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