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2001 - Damn Yankees


About the Show

Joe Boyd sells his soul to the devil, Mr. Applegate, for "one good Long ball hitter" for his team, the Washington Senators. Mr. Applegate grants his wish, turning him into a 22 year old sports superstar who must go back to his wife before 9 pm on the final game day if he doesn't want Mr. Applegate to get his soul.


Benny Van Buren - Abe Mendez

Bouley - Andrew Arends

Commissioner/ Ava - Angie Griffin

Lola - Anna Booman

Mr. Applegate - Bill Fried

Child - Buddy Spinden

Meg Boyd - Carol Sweeney - Marnach

Henry - Chris Fried

Sohovik - Christian Weiersmuller

Lowe/Postmaster - Colin Marnach

Mickey/Del - Greg Schieber

Child - Jacie Anderson

Vernon - Jacob Grippen

Joe Hardy - Jeff Bebe

Bootsie - Jenna Landsom

Popcorn & Peanuts - Jim Arends

Gloria Thorpe - Karen Trewin

Smokey/Eddie - Kyle Tollefson

Joe Boyd/Radio Announcer - Lee Epps

Lynch - Lee Grippen

Child - Maria Dokken

Cha Cha - Marie Larson

Doris - Mary Deters

Rocky - Nick Bjerke

Child - Peter Zaffke

Sister - Roxanne Finnesgard

Child - Ryan Morken

Ms. Weston - Sara Kroshus

Mr. Welch - Steve Schmidt

Child - Trisha Dehning


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