1997 - Meet Me in St Louis


Lucille Ballard - Mollie Busta

John Truitt - Nick Crawford

Katie - Nolie Kapplinger

Rose Smith - Leah Engen

Mrs. Anna Smith - Lori Wilhelmson

Esther Smith - Jenny Kapplinger

Mr. Alonzo Smith - Jim Arends

Lori Smith - Joe Wilt

Agnes Smith - Anna Booman

Tootie Smith - Elizabeth Booman

Citizen of St. Louis - Andy Arends

Johnny - Ben Goeden

Frank Gregory - Carl Haakenstad

Harry - Chris Goeden

Teen - Christina O'Flaherty

Charlie - Christopher Bjerke

Grandpa Prophater - Dale Meiners

Douglas Moore - David Arends

Teen - Hannah Haakenstad

Citizen of St. Louis - Jacob Onstad

Miss Rockwell - Jaime Wohlgemuth

Chet Murphy - Jamie Kapplinger

Citizen of St. Louis - Jane Blommel

Gretchen - Jennifer Solberg

Peewee Drummond - Jon Hines

Citizen of St. Louis - Karen Simon

St. Mary's Girl - Katelyn Klug

Citizen of St. Louis - Lynn Arends

Nan - Megan Carlson

St. Mary's Girl - Meghann Rollins

St. Mary's Girl - Rachel Arends

Teen - Rebecca Kemp

Teen - Sara Kroshus

St. Mary's Girl - Sonya Dokken

Dr. Bond - Stuart Dibley

Em - Tracy Onstad

St. Mary's Girl - Tyler Hahn

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