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1979 - Annie Get Your Gun

About the Show

The hillbilly town of Dogpatch USA has been declared the "most unnecessary town" in the U.S. and is set to be turned into a nuclear testing site. At the same time, the baby tonic (Yokumberry Tonic) that Li'l Abner has been fed all his life is discovered to be a potion that makes men strong and handsome, but also utterly uninterested in romance. That fact does not deter Daisy Mae, who is determined to win the handsome, but uninterested, Li'l Abner at the Sadie Hawkins Day race.


Annie Oakley - Mary Beth Alstad

Frank Butler - Ken Knutson

Dolly Tate - Cyndy Vesterse

Sitting Bull - Owen Hegge

Mrs. Potter-Porter - Sally Kinneberg

Little Jake - Peter Engen

Nellie - Rochelle Lund

Chief Wild Horse - Rodney Rosaaen

Indian - Andrew Gray

Musical Drill - Anne Ike

Mrs. Black Tooth - Barbara Mathison

Musical Drill - Brian Knutson

Pawnee Bill, Man - David Eiken

Mrs. Yellow Tail - Dawn Mathison

Mr. Wilson, Footman - Don Vesterse

Groom - Dr. Dale Buxengaard

Indian - Dusty Vesterse

Buffalo Bill - Eric Frydenlund

Charle Davenport - Gary Buxengard

Chorus - Heather Van Minsel

Twirler - Janet Nerstad

Minnie - Jeanne Wiste

Chorus - Joyce Onstad

Chorus - Judy Knutson

Chorus - Judy Wiste

Musical Drill - Kathy Jacobson

1st Girl - Kristi Myrah

Small Girl - Lara Wold

Clown - Lynn Vongroven

Mrs. Little Horse - Madelon Wise

Bride - Mary Deters

Chorus - Mary Newgaard

2nd Boy - Matthew Myrah

Twirler - Michelle Wiebke

Musical Drill - Mike Spencer

Chorus - Paul Gray

Mac - Russell Kinneberg

1st Boy - Scott Mundt

Conductor - Scott Onstad

Photographer - Sig Bergrud

Indian, Clown - Steve Mundt

Chorus - Susan Engen

Jessie - Taresa Tweeten

Chorus - Walter Langland



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