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2023 - The Wizard of Oz​


Cast List
Claire Solberg - Dorothy
Alisha Solum -  Scarecrow
Mark Schroeder -  Tinman
Sarah Schroeder -  Lion
Bethany Engen -  Good Witch
Jen Solberg -  Wicked WItch
Nolie Kapplinger - Visiting Witch #2
Deb Thurston - cyclone, Visiting Witch #1
Don Vesterse - Uncle Henry, Wizard
Lori Wilhelmson - Aunt Em, Ozian
Russell Thies - Farmhand Joe, Jitterbug, Tibia, Rocket
Wyatt Spier - cyclone , Bridge, Ghost, Rocket
Bently Rohland - Munchkin Mayor, Foremost General
Grace Torgerson - Munchkin Farmer, Jitterbug, Gloria, Ghost
Harper Reed - cyclone, Bridge, Jitterbug, Lady growlie
Maria Solberg -  Munchkin Coroner, Jitterbug, Ghost, Rocket
Adah Solum - Munchkin Barrister, Jitterbug, Ghost, Rocket
Mackenzy Kraus - Munchkin, Jitterbug, Oz Lady
Joey Jaster - cyclone, Bridge, Private
McKenna Newgaard - cyclone, Bridge, Ozmas
Ayslin Connor-McCabe - Munckin, General
Emelyn Dahlberg - Munckin, General
Eleanore Hoefs -  - Munchkin, General
Landon Solberg - Munchkin, General
AJ Whitmore -  Munchkin, General

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