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1982 - Fiddler on the Roof

About the Show

When Tevye's (Fritz Morlock) eldest daughter, Tzeitel (Judy Knutson), begs him to let her marry a poor tailor rather than the middle-aged butcher that he has already chosen for her, Tevye must choose between his own daughter's happiness and those beloved traditions that keep the outside world at bay. Meanwhile, there are other forces at work in Anatevka, dangerous forces which threaten to destroy the very life he is trying to preserve.


Tevye, the Dairyman - Fritz Morlock, D.D.S.

Golde, his Wife - Jan Rud

Tzeitel - Judy Knutson

Chava - Judy Wiste

Grandma Tzeitel - Barbara Mathison

Yente, the Matchmaker - Barbara Pitel

Dancer - Beth Morlock

Tamura - Cathy Afseth

Hodel - Cindy Floyd

Anah - Dawn Mathison

Fruma Sarah - Deborah Wemette

Fyedka - Don Vesterse

Perchik, the Student - Eric Frydenlund

the Constable - Gary Buxengard

Mordcha, the Innkeeper/Nachum, the Beggar - Gordon Pitel

Mendel, his Son - Howard Deters

Bielke - Jane Bjerke

Dancer - Jill Hanson

Motel, the Tailor - Jim Gray, D.V.M.

Lazar Wolf, the Butcher - Ken Knutson

Shprintze - LuAnne Pitel

Shaindel, Motel’s Mother - Luella Ike

Avrahm, the Bookseller - Lyle McKenzie

Rifka - Margaret Morken

Ruchel - Mary Deters

Mirala - Ruth Johnsrud

Saul - Sam Haugland

First Russian/Dancer - Scott Schroeder

the Rabbi/Yussel - Sig Bergrud

Sasha/Dancer - Steve Mundt

the Fiddler - Steve Mundt

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