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1989 - Annie

About the Show

An orphan, Annie (Natalie Mindrum), and her dog Sandy are placed in the lap of luxury for a week as a part of a publicity campaign for Oliver Warbucks (Loren Hartley.) However, Annie's stay turns out to be much more than anyone had bargained for as she works her way into everyone's hearts and learns a few things for herself.


Annie - Natalie Mindrum

Oliver Warbucks - Loren Hartley

Mrs. Pugh - Mary Deters

Lily - Nolie Kapplinger

Miss Hannigan - Ruth Bruce

Rooster Hannigan - Don Vesterse

Kate - Amber Grefe

Connie Boylan - Betsy Hill

Dog Catcher - Chad Busta

Honor Guard - Chris Dunn

Duffy - Christine Moen

July - Emily Engen

Becky - Emily Stenhoff

A Star To Be - Holly Grefe

Bonnie Boylan - Janet Vonderohe

Sammie - Jenny Kapplinger

Drake/Fred McCracken - Jerry Bruce

Bundles McCloskey/Howe - Peter Milne Grace Farrell - Jill Hanson

Jill - Katie Burns

Sound Effects Person - Kelly Ohl

NBC Page - Krista Kraabel

Sophie, the Kettle - Krista Kraabel

Tessie - Leah Morken

Cecille - Lisa Busta

Beth - Liz Durham

Perkins/Mrs. Greer - Lori Peterson

Pepper - Lynda Palen

Hull - Mark Hemingway

Gertie - Mary Lou Busta

Lt. Ward - Mike Lee

Dog Catcher - Quentin Thorson

Annette/Ronnie Boylan - Rachel Deters

Bert Healy/Justice Brandeis - Rob Wagner

2nd Policeman - Scott Solberg

Sandy - Ted (the Dog)

Lucy - Tera Foellmi

Peggy - Theresa Nutt

Molly - Tracy Onstad

Morgenthau - Walter Langland


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