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2006 - Grease

About the Show

It's 1959 and Rydell high is filled with rebellious, thrill-loving students. In the midst of this scene, Sandy Dumbrowski enters as the new girl in school. It turns out that she and the leader of the Burger Palace Boys gang, Danny Zuko, have had a brief love affair the summer before. While Sandy stresses to her new classmates the emotional attachment she and Danny had, Danny stresses the physical aspects of their relationship. As the show goes on, the students at Rydell High have to deal with love, gang violence, teen pregnancy, and friendship. In the end, Sandy and Danny resolve their differences and end up happily together.



Sandy Dumbrowski   -   Margi Abrahamson

Danny Zuko   -   Colin Marnach

Betty Rizzo   -   Chelsea McManimon-Moe

Marty   -   Rachel Arends 

Frenchy   -   Jennifer Solberg

Jan   -   Sarah Holland 

Kenickie   -   Andy Arends

Sonny LaTierri   -   Zech Anderson

Doody   -   Alexander LeFebvre

Roger   -   Jacob Onstad 

Pink Lady   -   Alisha Solum

Bobby Soxer   -   Amanda Neuzil

Bobby Soxer   -   Amelia Lidstrom

Pink Lady   -   Andrea Hatleli

Patty Simcox   -   Bethany Tisthammer

Bobby Soxer   -   Brooke Johnson

Miss Lynch   -   Carol Sweeney-Marnach

Eugene Florczyk   -   Nick Thorson

Vince Fontaine   -   Rob Gross

Teen Angel   -   Mark Schroeder

Johnny Casino   -   Jacob Grippen

Cha-Cha DiGregorio   -   Sara Kroshus   

Pink Ladies - Tracy Deml, Rachel Gulbranson, Rachel Wiste,  Danielle Spinden, Elizabeth Johnson, Addison Cross, Samantha Boyd, Michaela Neuzil, Michaella Boyd, Cassie Cody

Greasers   -   Elliot Cross, Eric Haugland, Micah Crawford, John Salo, Casey Howe

Teacher's Choir   -   Al Lochner, Karmen Haugland, Kim Kapplinger, Kristi Anderson, Lee Epps, Nolie Kapplinger, Patty Goetzinger, Mary Deters, Bill Fried

Students   -   Joe Morken, Matthew Anderson

Cheerleader   -   Kaley Cross, Kjersti Fried, Zoe Lidstrom

Bobby Soxer   -   Lindsey Buxengard



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