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1987 - Camelot

About the Show

Guinevere, King Arthur's lovely wife, encourages him to establish the Knights of the Round Table. As the Knights grow in fame, Lancelot Du Lac becomes the most celebrated of all of them, and rumors begin to circulate about his affair with Guinevere. Can Camelot be the idealistic place of Arthur's dreams?


Guenevere - Kathleen Abrahamson

King Arthur - Bill Fried

Morgan Le Fey - Betsy Hill

Sir Lionel - Bob Melbostad

Mordred - Chris Anderson

Sir Sagramore - Don Vesterse

Tree/Lady of Camelot - Emily Deters

Merlin - Gordon Pitel

Page - Ian Adkinson

Horrid - Jessie (the dog) Gray

Sir Dinadan - Keith Mardock

Clarius - Michael Daniels

Pellinore - Michael Hartigan

Lancelot - Rod Van Loh

Tom of Warwick - Scott Solberg

Squire Dap - Steve Melbostad 

Lady of Camelot - Joan Skarboszewski

Lady of Camelot - Martha Mueller

Lady of Camelot - Mary Deters

Lady of Camelot - Andrea Wiste

Lady of Camelot - Barbara Pitel

Tree/Lady of Camelot - Keely Glasrud

Tree/Lady of Camelot - Kelly Ohl

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