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1986 - Hello Dolly

About the Show

Dolly Levi, the famous matchmaker, spends most of her time pairing others but soon decides its time to settle a match for herself - Horace Vandergellar.


Dolly Gallagher Levi - Deloris Mechtel

Horace Vandergelder - Waldo Bunge

Minnie Fay - Ardys Jennings

Cornelius Hackl - Bill Fried

Judge - Cathy Nelson

Rudolph - Dan Bohan

Ambrose Kemper - Don Vesterse

Mrs. Rose - Elaine Johnson

Barnaby Tucker - Eric Johnson

Ernestina - Joan Skarboszewski

Emengarde - Lori Johnson

Irene Molloy - Mary Deters

Chorus - Beth Morlock, Bev Nelson, Mary Lou Busta, Melissa Wilt, Patty Patterson, Scott Mundt, Cathy Nelson, Emily Deters, Eric Frydenlund, Darcy Wennes, John Askelson, Lisa Skarboszewski




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