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1990 - Paint Your Wagon

About the Show

Ben Rumson is a grizzled prospector whose daughter Jennifer finds gold near their camp. Word of the strike gets around and the town's population grows tremendously. Jennifer falls in love with Julio, a Mexican prospector, but goes East to school. When the gold strike is over, she returns to find her town a ghost town and her loved ones left with nothing but their hopes and dreams.




Yvonne Sorel - Ami Perkins

Jacob Woodling - Bill Fried

Elsie Smith - Candice Haugen

Elizabeth Woodling - Carol Sweeney - Marnach

Reuben Sloane - Chad Busta

Walt - Daniel Morlock

Sandy Twist - Darcy Wennes

Ben Rumson - David Klinski

Jake Whippany - David Storlie

Mike Mooney - Don Vesterse

Fandango - Emily Engen

Coachman - Enoh Anderson

Dutchie - Gordon Pitel

Fandango - Jane Blommel

Cherry Jourdel - Janet Vanderohe

Fandango - Jennifer Clauson

Julio Valveras - Kim Kapplinger

Jane - Linda Nerstad - Kemp

Mary - Liz Wilt

Fandango - Mandy Baumbach

Sarah Woodling - Mary Deters

Joe - Noel Mueller

Jennifer Rumson - Nolie Kapplinger

Salem Trumbell - Peter Engen

Steve Bullneck - Peter Milne

Raymond Janney - Steve Kemp

Edgar Crocker - Steve Schuldt

Hiram Henry - Stuart Dibley

Suzanne Duval - Theresa Nutt



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