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2009 - Lucky Stiff


About the Show

English shoe salesman, Harry Witherspoon, who normally spends his Friday night taking inventory in the shoe shop and dreaming of a better life, gets a telegram summoning him to a solicitor's office. There Harry finds himself the recipient of a six million dollar inheritance. He learns that Anthony Hendon, an uncle that he never met has left him this estate. There is a condition. Harry must follow the instructions which have been pre-recorded on a cassette tape. He must take Uncle Anthony’s corpse on vacation to Monte Carlo. If Harry is unwilling to do this, the money will go to his Uncle's favorite charity, the Universal Dog Home of Brooklyn. Harry, who seriously dislikes dogs, reluctantly accepts the challenge and travels to Monte Carlo with the cassette tape, a heart-shaped box and Uncle Anthony’s corpse in a wheelchair. A taxidermist has dressed the corpse so that it appears alive.


Harry Witherspoon  -  David Storlie

Annabel Glick  -  Chelsea McManimon-Moe

Vincent DiRuzzio  -  Mark Schroeder

Rita LaPorta  -  Rachel Grippen

Luigi Guadi  -  Bill Fried

Man #1  -  Jacob Grippen

Man #2  -  Tyler Engen

Woman #1  -  Sarah Holland

Woman #2  -  Sara Kroshus

Woman #3  -  Jen Solberg

Woman #4  -  Alisha Solum


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