2003 - Sound of Music 

About the Show

Maria, a nun who is causing the Abbey trouble is sent off to be governess to Captain Von Trapp's seven troublesome children. Maria teaches them to sing and Captain Von Trapp to love, but when the Nazis invade Austria, the whole family is forced to flee to safety.


Captain Georg Von Trapp   -   David Storlie 

Maria Rainer   -   Mollie Busta

Elsa Schraeder   -   Anna Booman

Max Detweiler   -   Bill Fried

Marta   -   Mary Gerdes

Louisa   -   Chelsea McManimon-Moe

Liesl   -   Margi Abrahamson

Kurt   -   Joe Morken

Brigitta   -   Rachel Wiste

Gretl   -   Elizabeth Johnson

Friedrich   -   Garrett Cross

Franz   -   Christopher Fried

Frau Zeller/New Postulant   -   Kim Sanders

Lieutenant/Party Guest   -   Kyle Tollefson

Herr Zeller   -   Zane Anderson

Frau Schmidt   -   Nancy Huisenga

Baroness Elberfeld   -   Bethany Morken

Baron Elberfeld   -   Jonathan Gerdes

Admiral von Schreiber   -   Zech Anderson

The Mother Abbess   -   Kay M.Capps Cross

Sister Sophia   -   Nolie Kapplinger

Sister Margaretta/Nun   -   Heidi Myhre

Sister Margaretta   -   Mary Deters

Sister Berthe   -   Kristi Anderson

Rolf Gruber   -   Andrew Zaffke

Nun   -   Darla Sass

Nun   -   Kimberly Holty

Nun   -   Lynn Arends

Nun   -   Roxanne Finnesgard

Novice/Party Guest   -   Lexie Berg

Novice/Party Guest   -   Marie Larson

Novice   -   Alisha Solum

Novice   -   Angie Griffin

Novice   -   Bethany Tisthammer

Novice   -   Jenna Landsom

Novice   -   Jodi Jetson

Novice   -   Joy Gerdes

Novice   -   Katie Hagen

Novice   -   Nancy Hagen




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