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1994 - Guys and Dolls

About the Show

Nathan Detroit, the organizer of the oldest permanent floating crap game, bets Sky Mastersonthat he can't make the next girl he sees fall in love with him- this is Miss Sarah Brown of the Save-a-Soul Mission. Meanwhile, Nathan's girl and the main attraction at the Hot Box nightclub - Miss Adelaide only wants to get married. In the end the gamblers and "spunky do-gooders" are thrown together.


Nathan Detroit - Bill Fried

Benny Southstreet - Brandon Schmidt

Nicely - Nicely - Dean Beckman

Brannigan - Don Vesterse

Sarah - Kay M. Capps Cross

Sky Masterson - Kim Kapplinger

Harry the Horse - Nathan Griffin

Adelaide - Nolie Kapplinger

Joey Biltmore - Richard Kenyon


David Nord 

Linda Nerstad - Kemp

Matthew Klug

Emily Engen

Jenny Kapplinger

Mollie Busta

Angela Denstad


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