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1998 - Cabaret

About the Show

Aspiring writer Cliff Bradshaw (Scott Solberg) has traveled to Berlin in search of inspiration when happens upon Sally Bowles (Emily Engen) at a cabaret called the Kit Kat Klub. She ends up moving in with him in a boarding house run by Fräulein Schneider  (Kristi Anderson) and her suitor, Herr Schultz (Bill Fried), a Jewish fruit-shop owner. As the Nazis grow stronger, everything is thrown into disarray.


Master of Ceremonies - Rachel Grippen

Sally Bowles - Emily Engen

Clifford Bradshaw - Scott Solberg

Fraulein Kost - Tracy Onstad

Herr Schultz - Bill Fried

Fraulein Schneider - Kristi Anderson

Kit Kat Girl - Christina O'Flaherty

Ernst Ludwig - Christopher Bjerke

Gorilla - Allison Koster 

Customs Officer & Sailor - Nathan Griffin

Sailors - David Arends, Preston McCarthy, Kim Kapplinger

Kit Kat Club Girls - Hannah Haakenstad, Jenny Kapplinger, Leah Engen, Linda Nerstad - Kemp, Nolie Kapplinger, Sara Kroshus, Sarah Holland


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