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2021- SPAMALOT!​


David Storlie - King Arthur, Finnish Villager
Mark Schroeder - Sir Robin, French Taunter, Tim the Enchanter, Guard, Finnish Villager
Adam Arends - Sir Lancelot, Finnish Villager, Guard
Bill Fried - Dennis Galahad, Finnish Villager,Herbert’s Father, The Black Knight
Johnny Sanasinh - Patsy, Mayor, Guard
Harvey Goetting - Sir Bedevere, Dennis Galahad’s Mother Finnish Villager, Monk, Sir Bors
Rachel Storlie - The Lady of the Lake
Sarah Schroeder - Historian, Laker Girl, French Guard
Jen Solberg - Minstrel, Finnish Villager, Laker Girl, French Guard, Puppeteer 
Greta Goetting - Not Dead Fred, Monk, Finnish Villager, Laker Girl
Kim Kapplinger - Prince Herbert, Sir Not Appearing
Carol Sweeney-Marnach -  Finnish Villager, Laker Girl, Monk, Minstrel

This “concert-ish” version of Spamalot is intended to be played by a cast of socially separated actors, appropriately placed. The show has been edited to 90 minutes of sheer delight. Nothing has been lost from the sentiment of the original thanks to Eric Idle doing the edits himself.

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