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2014 - Once Upon A Mattress


About the Show

Princess Winnifred arrives at Prince Dauntless the Drab's castle hoping for the hand of the prince. His mother, Queen Agravain, insists that her son can only marry a princess of true blood (one who can feel a pea that is underneath a pile of mattresses). Winifred passes the test, unable to sleep all night from discomfort and they live happily ever after.


Once Upon A Mattress Cast



Minstre - Lydia Peterson

Princess #12 - Cheyenne Moen

Wizard - Carol Sweeney-Marnarch  

Lady Larken - Emily Brumm  

Queen Aggravain - Sarah Schroeder  

Prince Dauntless -  Mitchell Lee

King Sextmus -  Rob Gross

Jester - David Storlie  

Lady Studley - Sara Vettleson-Trutza  

Knights/Ladiesin Waiting
Bree Murphey, Kaitlyn Gross, Ashlyn Hammel  

Lady Rowena - Addy Cross  

Lady Merrill - Stine Myrah  

Lady Lucille - Kaitlin Bratland  

Sir Harry - Elliott Cross  

Princess Winnifred - Dia Lefebvre

Lady in Waiting  -  Laura Vettleson-Trutza




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