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1995 - Brigadoon

About the Show

Two American tourists, Tommy Albright (Tim Mitchell) and Jeff Douglas (Nick Anderson), stumble upon a misty little Scottish town that only awakens once every hundred years.


Andrew MacLaren - Adam Arends

Sandy Dean - Amber Grefe

Townsfolk/Dancer/Chorus - Angie Bergrud

Franke - Barb Rollins

Townsfolk/Dancer/Chorus - Barbara Pitel

Jane Anderson - Carol Sweeney - Marnach

Archie Beaton - Darren Kube

Townsfolk/Dancer/Chorus - Erica Kairis

Mr. Lundie - Gordon Pitel

Harry Beaton - Jeff Hines

Fiona MacLaren - Mary Lynch

Townsfolk/Dancer/Chorus - Meghann Rollins

Jean MacLaren - Mollie Busta

Charlie Dalrymple - Nathan Griffin

Jeff Douglas - Nick Anderson

Townsfolk/Dancer/Chorus - Nikki Stevens

Townsfolk/Dancer/Chorus - Penny Ao - as

Meg Brockie - Rachel Deters

Townsfolk/Dancer/Chorus - Rose Kube

Angus MacGuffie - Steve Kemp

Tommy Albright - Tim Mitchell

Townsfolk/Dancer/Chorus - Jenny Kapplinger, Jeremiah Kirchmeyer, ill Wohlgemuth, Joy Zotalis, Kathy Horn, Linda Nerstad - Kemp, Lisa Horn, Mary Deters

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